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    September 01, 2007


    David Syzdek

    Now you need an offsite backup in case your house get burglarized. That saved me about 6 years ago. I keep a current one at my house and every few weeks I swap the hard drive with one at my parents.

    John Trosko

    I must be retarded. I keep my passwords list in a word document on my desktop. You've made me at least make a copy and move it to somewhere else.

    But I like the tip for the off-site store.

    In reality Laurie, maybe you just crashed your computer because you type too fast?????? Ha ha!

    - John


    I use a mirrored hard disk arrangement that Dell calls "DataSafe". Two hard drives each hold a copy of your data, protecting you against loss of either hard disk. Saved me once already. I don't think it is available for laptops.

    If you don't buy Dell, get a computer with RAID on the motherboard and buy two identical disks. With the management software from the chip vendor (usually Intel) you can set everything up on one drive as you normally would and then tell the RAID manager to use the other disk as a mirror.

    Off-site, I use MozyHome to backup my documents, profiles, music, etc. for five dollars per month.

    Dave Hunt

    Similar to Kent, I use a mirrored array for my secondary hard drive and it's already proved useful. I also use MozyHome, which is excellent - I wrote my setup on my blog.


    I had a hard disk crash last year. I sympathize with you; it's never a fun experience. I notice you didn't mention a brand name for your 'top; would it be a Dell, by any chance? Mine was, and the disk crashed just a couple months out of the three-year warranty.

    David Friend


    I'm the CEO of Carbonite and delighted that Carbonite saved the day. There was a much published survey from Carnegie Mellon Univ recently that showed that as many as 13% of all hard drives fail each year, far higher than manufacturers claim. So you're not alone. Since launching our backup service we've restored over 100 million files. People have no idea how common this problem is.
    Dave Friend, CEO
    Carbonite, Inc.
    Carbonite Online Backup


    I use Mozy and it's saved my bacon once in the last year alone, so it's worth it.


    If you are using a desktop machine there is always RAID 1. Buy two HD's not just one. Use your onboard RAID or buy a controller (cheap ones under 50$). If one HD fails buy a new one. Thats it.


    I feel you on this one! I’ve had more than just a few hard drives crash on me, and quite unexpectedly too! I know that everyone loses a hard drive from time to time but I seem to be one of those people who have bad luck with computer storage devices in general. It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular hard drive or a back up tape drive, I seem to lose them.

    It’s easy to let your guard down and “forget” to put your important data on some backup media, and we’ve all been taken by surprise by drive failures. I normally do get the signs you where expecting to see like sluggish performance, jittery media, and that loud scratchy sound I’ve gotten with some of mine…all signs of doom! After my last enclosure failed I tried switching name brands and now use both Toshiba and Seagate and things have been much better but I’ve learned my lesson! I back things up twice a week now without fail.


    I had RAID and never even bothered to backup my files. As I never expected that it would happen, a virus wiped all the data on both of my hard drives. I had to pay for not having baking up the data, by recovering my data from Disk Doctors RAID Recovery Services. Thanks to the recovery guys for helping me get back my data. However, this experience has changed my entire view on backups I used to think they were unneeded for RAID.

    Deborah Pollom

    Great reading all the comments about backup. I must confess I recently lost a whole bunch of work and was only able to retrieve my documents from October 2007, so everything else since then has gone. I didn't have anything else backed up....horrific I know.

    So I have recently purchased a PATA/100 Barracuda 3.5 internatl Hard Drive upgrade kit (320 gigs). I'm bidding on ebay for the case (a neighbor told me it was cheaper to do it that way) - I'm not that computer literate. Are you suggesting that you should also use an online backup service as well as having a portable one at home?

    Jim Bo

    Vista is a fantastic OS. Some people are too habitual to change or perhaps don't like the new menus which change where functions in XP were located. Also some people buy Vista believing that it will run great on their XP machine, however, Vista requires a lot of resources, and on a powerful machine Vista runs amazingly quick. I'm not a microsoft fan boy because I use linux and mac ,but I keep a virtual machine for windows and a laptop with Vista and when it works, it works great.

    Lorie Marrero

    Hi Jim,

    I agree that Vista has improved. This post was written over one year ago, and at that time, it did not work for me. I am open to Vista in the future now that it's been "vetted" and updated. My laptop is built for Vista and it just wasn't ready for prime time when it was running on there.

    Thanks for the comment!
    - Lorie

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    Data Recovery Tech

    Most RAID configurations will suffer a mechanical fault at some point in its life. Most people get themselves in to a bother when they don't back up.

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    It's a very good idea to have a printout of the most important ones if you use an electronic password keeper.

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    Ohh, my god!!! I can imaging that suddenly the hard drive crash, I usually save my own information. but one in a while i forgot. I should be prepared!!

    Sherman Unkefer

    I had all my information backed up on an external hard drive, but the funny thing is that when I plug it in to any computer now, the external hard drive is not recognized either. It appears I have very bad luck, but I am hoping somebody might know of some way that I can recover my data off one of the 2 drives.

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